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Padden.jpg (80662 bytes)

Paddens illustration of Olympic.

.o_april1923.jpg (64440 bytes)

This image is dated April 1923.

Olympic bookpostcard.jpg (205549 bytes)

Book post from 1911.

  o_distance.jpg (43914 bytes)

At sea in the 1920s.

o_steam.jpg (85370 bytes)

 This image has Olympic departing Southampton July 1928

 o_drop.jpg (112667 bytes)

New York during the 1920s.

o_finger.jpg (79026 bytes) 

Southampton early 1930s.

    o_prewar.jpg (88438 bytes)

Pre war at berth 44, not the special double gangways to the left.  These accommodated high and low tides.


Southampton water summer 1911 by FGO Stewart. 

o_southampton.jpg (14031 bytes)

Leaving Berth 44 bow out like Titanic.

o_prop1924.jpg (11266 bytes)

A blade from one of her wing props down for inspection on the dry dock floor in the 1920s.  

Olympic compared to various buildings.

Large Stewart Bale.jpg (90814 bytes)

A Stewart Bale photograph of Olympic on her salute to Liverpool May 31st 1911. 

 From the Pier 600dpi.jpg (169722 bytes)

Taken from the roof of her New York pier in 1913. 

Top of funnel number 4.jpg (185545 bytes)

Taken from the top of her fourth funnel also in 1913.

Kronprinzessin Cecilie with her funnels painted in a desperate attempt to disguise her as Olympic in Bar Harbor Maine at the outbreak of war in 1914.

At Halifax during the war, note the gun on her deck. 

Olympic 1925 Hoffman card small.jpg (76202 bytes)

A Hoffman photograph from the mid 1920s. 

Mikes E of B and Olympic 1935.jpg (253315 bytes)

The Empress of Britain entering dry-dock in1935 with Olympic in the background.  Two generations of British shipping. From the collection of Mike Choi

Olympic 1935.jpg (72428 bytes)

A close-up of Olympic from the above image.  Her funnels and promenade deck have rain shields.  She would be off to the scrappers shortly.   

A night shot of Olympic.

Olympic cutaway Finished.jpg (430923 bytes)

A early 1920s color cutaway. 


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