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  Click here to access the site  A must for anyone interested in Titanic and other liners, this site has some of the most scholarly and serious discussion anywhere concerning the Olympic class trio.  


Olympic Message board  A fine page for discussion of Olympic and her life


Marconigraph is a fine web site, a must read for anyone obsessed by liners.  Some of the biggest names in the liner research world have been gathered together for a series of articles about transatlantic liners.  Eric Sauder, Ken Marschall, and other published authors have contributed.  I highly recommend every article!  Ken's work however must take center stage, his report on his dives to Titanic is simply amazing.  


Roys Titanic site   Roy Mengot's fantastic modeling page.  If you are interested in learning about how Titanic sank and broke-up make sure to visit this site.


Titanic book site  Michael ‘The Man In Black’ Tennaro Titanic book shop.  Extensive and worth a visit.   


Titanic Research and Modeling Association  A research and modeling site with some best image archives for Olympic and Titanic around.  If you are considering making a model of any Olympic class liner make sure to visit this site.  


Olympic Shrine  Stuart Kelly's self titled "Shrine to Olympic" is a great site by a true fan of this impressive liner.  Stuarts page is currently undergoing alteration however it is a must see for his extensive photography of Olympic woodwork still in existence in the UK. 


Andrew Nash's  Olympic page check it out.



Caribia  A great page covering the wreck of Caronia off the coast of Guam, some very interesting photos and first hand accounts of the salvage, which became the largest salvage for the Corps of Engineers up to that time


Great Ships  Jeff Newman's fantastic site of ocean liner postcards.  The narrative is provided by Mark Baber who is an excellent researcher and eminently knowledgeable about the White Star Line in particular.  I highly recommend this site.  While there be sure to check out the Olympic and Caronia sections!    


Cunard China   Richard Villias extensive collection of Cunard Line china of the type used aboard Caronia is well worth a visit.  


Other links 


Alternative Visions   A must see for anyone seriously interested in the RMS Queen Mary.  Great photos and good ideas on how to restore and use the ship today.


The Great Ocean Liners  A fantastic site by Henrik Ljungström and Daniel Othfors.  A must see, very comprehensive with a great set of links.  


SS United States  A site for the famous United States, a contemporary of Caronia the SSUS completed her record breaking maiden voyage 50 years ago July 1952.  For now this sleek liner is still with us, check her out.


SS United States  Another fine United States site dedicated to saving the ship.  


Royal Mail  Extremely well done pages concerning the Royal Mail line.  At one time the owner of White Star and the largest shipping conglomerate in the world.  


Compagnie Générale Maritime  The successor to the French line has a great English web site make sure to check it out.  


Australis  The lovely America ended her days as a Australian emigrant ship, read about her saga here.  


German Liners  A fine site for German ocean liners.  


Unofficial Holland-America Page  Well done Holland America site.


Lost Liners  The PBS series Lost Liners a good site and a fine book that Barns and Noble often has on the bargain table. 


Batory  Stefan Batory, an interesting Polish ocean liner.


Ocean Liner Museum  The Ocean Liner museum.  A well done site with great articles from their society publication the Ocean Liner Gazette.


Queen Mary Virtual Tour  A fine Queen Mary Page with great photos and text on this fine ship.   


Alex's ship page He is adding sections on many famous liners, make sure to check out his efforts for RMS Olympic!





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