On April 15th, 1997 two friends who had chatted across the Internet for over a year met in person for the first time.

"Paul from Missouri" and I met as Paul arrived in New York from the British Titanic Society's convention in Southampton. Paul's visit was planned so that, over this and the next two days, he could see the Broadway musical "Titanic," still in previews and tour New Your's Titanic-related sites. Thus was born what we began to call our "Heritage Tour."

The term comes from the occasional trips the Titanic Historical Society puts together for members. Indeed, one of their recent trips was to New York, and it became the basis for our two day Tour.

On the two pages that follow, I have presented some of the pictures taken by Paul during the Tour. Page One covers the sites we visited on April 16th, and Page Two, those seen on the 17th. Paul departed New York for Missouri on the 18th.

The musical which we attended on the night of the 15th (eighty five years to the day of the sinking) was wonderful. We both thought it seriously flawed, but also felt it told the story in a unique way. Despite those flaws, it was very enjoyable. The 2 1/2 hours flew by and I left the theatre vowing to see it again.

A note about this site: The pages that follow feature many pictures taken during our Heritage Tour. These pages are slow to load across the Internet. If you proceed, you do so because you wish to see New York's Titanic sites. I trust you will be patient. The total size of this site is approximately 800 kilobytes. The site was developed with both Netscape Navigator (3.x) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (3.x) in mind.

Jeff Newman

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