Day Two

Approaching the USS Intrepid

Bow of the USS Intrepid

S.S. United States Propeller

The QE2's Funnel Appears

Front Third of the QE2

Starboard side of the QE2

Long View of the Starboard Side

The Bow Looms

View Between Ship and Pier

View from Top Deck of Pier

She was launched on September 20, 1967 and sailed her maiden voyage almost two years later. She is 65,863 gross registered tons, 887.1 feet long and 105.3 feet abeam. Her service speed is 28.5 knots.

QE2 Forecastle

Bridge and Upper Decks

Lines Cast Off

The Author Watches her Power Out

A Tug Appears to Lend Assistance

Reverse Engines

Away from the Pier

Turning to Leave

Forward up the Hudson

Pier 59, Driving Range

Periphery of Pier 59

Pier 54 Entranceway

Cunard White Star

Plaque at Macy's